When you have to start a blog backing up from your first sentence, before you even write it, you know you’re going to be in trouble.  Look, no offense to all parties involved; this is no time to be extra sensitive.  But here goes.  I’m sure for some people moving back in with their parents […]

It finally happened. Truthfully, it started happening awhile ago, and it will continue to happen for quite some time. Events were set in motion so long ago, I almost forgot that time was steadily doing what time does. It marched on silently. So slowing bringing us ever closer to the day I had been waiting […]

Many years ago I ran into an old friend. We were both at a concert being held at the lake near my home. As we sat and chatted, catching up, I couldn’t help but notice a cute oversized turquoise ring she wore. I told her I loved it. What she did next will be a […]

I want to close the loop on my No ‘Poo adventure once and for all. And forever. I like words like forever. And always. And never. Basically, all words that end in “ways” or “ever” are awesome and I wanted to share that with you before we got too deep. My teachers always told me […]

Just to get you totally current, I have never claimed to be a knitter. I have gone into pretty deep depths about my lack of the family knitting gene. Click here for written proof from my blog: best. gift. ever. See? I’m not trying to trick anyone here. Not pulling the proverbial wool over your […]

Well hello my fellow bloggers and blog readers.  I’ve been MIA for a while now, not because blogging isn’t high on the list of things I want to do, but because it’s relatively low on the list of things I have to do.  At any rate, I’ve got some time now, and I think I’ll spend […]

The best thing about keeping sourdough starter is being able to share it with friends.  The best thing about sharing sourdough starter with MY friends is that they are all a bunch of super creative freaks who take an idea and run-forest-run with it, often to my direct benefit.  When I give a friend a […]

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post.  Lots going on, just not much writing.  But growing, yes, GROWING, has been happening.  My little-deck-box-that-could, did!   I was finally able to consume some real-life-home-grown healthy stuff  just this last weekend, and dang it, it was totally awesome.  Not trying to brag but, yeah man, I […]

I’m kind of realizing that if everything works out perfectly with my little garden I can very likely scrape together enough food to make a meal.  One.Meal.People.  How rad is that?!  WaaaaWhooooo!  Maybe (I mean definitely) I won’t be providing food for the winter, and maybe (again, definitely) canning and preserving are a bit of […]

Perfect Sangria

It’s amazing how just a few short months ago I was so sick and tired of cold weather  I was cursing the snow and talking smack to the sun about how incredibly weak it was.   I craved heat like a Kardashian craves attention (and if you don’t know who the Kardashians are, be grateful and move on).  […]