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pizza, pals, parents and a sourdough pizza recipe in that order

If you’re here for the sourdough pizza dough recipe, skip to the end, this is going to be a real rambler. I have had more pizza these past two weeks than I’ve had all year. And I’m not complaining. Just thought I’d share. We wrapped up the Long Beach leg of our Homeless Tour 2013 […]

sourdough tortillas

The best thing about keeping sourdough starter is being able to share it with friends.  The best thing about sharing sourdough starter with MY friends is that they are all a bunch of super creative freaks who take an idea and run-forest-run with it, often to my direct benefit.  When I give a friend a […]

sourdough bread is so awesome

Oh man.  Sourdough Bread.  Nuff said. Ok.  I’ll elaborate some because I know you want me to and I aim to please. My mom sent off to Alaska for a wooden spoon dipped in sourdough starter.  Bless her soul, her beautiful, beautiful soul. I am now addicted to all things sourdough and if that’s wrong, […]