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rv living – the final chapter

Because I solemnly swore to myself I wouldn’t write one more negative word about trailer living, it has been 54 days since my last blog. That’s all I can say about that without disappointing myself and breaking my solemn oath to me. Which, as I already know too well, would be an offence I would […]

memories that will sustain us

When you have to start a blog backing up from your first sentence, before you even write it, you know you’re going to be in trouble.  Look, no offense to all parties involved; this is no time to be extra sensitive.  But here goes.  I’m sure for some people moving back in with their parents […]

First step to our future homestead

It finally happened. Truthfully, it started happening awhile ago, and it will continue to happen for quite some time. Events were set in motion so long ago, I almost forgot that time was steadily doing what time does. It marched on silently. So slowing bringing us ever closer to the day I had been waiting […]

tomato and cucumber bounty (and by bounty I mean one of each)

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post.  Lots going on, just not much writing.  But growing, yes, GROWING, has been happening.  My little-deck-box-that-could, did!   I was finally able to consume some real-life-home-grown healthy stuff  just this last weekend, and dang it, it was totally awesome.  Not trying to brag but, yeah man, I […]

two things i didn’t do

I had some great plans for the weekend.  First, I wanted to make some liquid castile soap.  Next, I wanted to use that soap as the base of a bunch of cleaning products.  So now you know the two things I didn’t do. I was really excited about making the soap.  I was going to […]

let me out of this nutshell

This is going to be harder than I thought.  And, believe you me, I thought it would be plenty hard.  I’ve waited and thought and waited and thought almost to the point of decay.  You see, in my mind I imagine page after page of interesting, funny and informative, thought-provoking prose.  I see my Dear Readers […]