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tomato and cucumber bounty (and by bounty I mean one of each)

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post.  Lots going on, just not much writing.  But growing, yes, GROWING, has been happening.  My little-deck-box-that-could, did!   I was finally able to consume some real-life-home-grown healthy stuff  just this last weekend, and dang it, it was totally awesome.  Not trying to brag but, yeah man, I […]

how my garden grows

I’m kind of realizing that if everything works out perfectly with my little garden I can very likely scrape together enough food to make a meal.  One.Meal.People.  How rad is that?!  WaaaaWhooooo!  Maybe (I mean definitely) I won’t be providing food for the winter, and maybe (again, definitely) canning and preserving are a bit of […]

feast your eyes on this

Now accepting metaphorical pats on the back, rounds of applause, theoretical fist bumps and thumbs up, hypothetical high fives, and well dones and good on yous.  Radish soup, radish scampi, fried radish, smoked radish, baked, broiled and barbequed radish, radish sandwiches, radish casserole, radish pie, radish turnovers, radish tartar, radish stew, radish dumplings, radish puree, […]

deck box… veggie casket? only time will tell

So here it is- the great reveal.  As you may know, this is my first attempt to see if I can actually grow something that can be consumed.  So far, so good, but we are only at the wee early stages of the project I’ve aptly named:  Maybe.  Maybe Not.  We’ll See. I’ve already posted […]

let them eat dirt

I have pretty limited space to garden.  Well, I have tons of space, great, wonderfully, sunny space, but not much of it is useable.  My yard is so covered in goffer holes and squirrel tunnels and burrows that it’s hard to even just walk around without falling through.  It hasn’t always been this way; the […]