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pizza, pals, parents and a sourdough pizza recipe in that order

If you’re here for the sourdough pizza dough recipe, skip to the end, this is going to be a real rambler. I have had more pizza these past two weeks than I’ve had all year. And I’m not complaining. Just thought I’d share. We wrapped up the Long Beach leg of our Homeless Tour 2013 […]

unexpected blessings

I’m about to embark on something impossibly personal and I don’t know how to do it without feeling like I’m tromping on countless toes belonging to so many bodies.  It isn’t my story and maybe that’s what makes it hard.  It isn’t even a story it’s a life, a portion of a life still being […]

why oh why didn’t i think of that? diy personalized postcards

Pinterest is so cool, is it not?  This year I’ve taken a Pinterest idea to heart and been very faithful to see it through.  The whole idea is to buy a postcard from all the places you visit throughout the year and mail them to yourself, from the place, to your home.  So, when I […]

memories that will sustain us

When you have to start a blog backing up from your first sentence, before you even write it, you know you’re going to be in trouble.  Look, no offense to all parties involved; this is no time to be extra sensitive.  But here goes.  I’m sure for some people moving back in with their parents […]

a time to give

Many years ago I ran into an old friend. We were both at a concert being held at the lake near my home. As we sat and chatted, catching up, I couldn’t help but notice a cute oversized turquoise ring she wore. I told her I loved it. What she did next will be a […]

sea glass

Well hello my fellow bloggers and blog readers.  I’ve been MIA for a while now, not because blogging isn’t high on the list of things I want to do, but because it’s relatively low on the list of things I have to do.  At any rate, I’ve got some time now, and I think I’ll spend […]

best. gift. ever.

My mom knits.  When I say she knits I need you to understand, I’m not just talking about the occasional hat or scarf, the freak-show holiday sweater.  She really knits, a true knitting machine.  She learned this skill (and I do mean skill) from my father’s mother, Virginia Eldridge – who was a masterful knitter.  Mom took […]

country inner child

My mom grew up in the city of Los Angeles; my dad was a country boy from Pennsylvania.  They met somewhere in the middle while attending John Brown University in Arkansas.  Both passionate about music and in the music program, I like to picture them singing corny duets while shamelessly flirting in front of a […]