rv living – the final chapter

Because I solemnly swore to myself I wouldn’t write one more negative word about trailer living, it has been 54 days since my last blog. That’s all I can say about that without disappointing myself and breaking my solemn oath to me. Which, as I already know too well, would be an offence I would eventually forgive, but could not possibly forget. And I would make me pay. Oh, I’d pay.

In all fairness, it probably isn’t as bad as I make it seem. It isn’t. Really. But I think we can all agree, 329 days living in a toy hauler, much of that time without running water, is a smidge excessive.

But enough about that.

So guess what?

We bought a house. Did you hear me? Because I said, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!

I started this blog two years ago with a shiny, sparkling, perfect plan. I sit here today with the muddy, torn up, slightly stinky shreds of what’s left of that plan. And. I. Could. Not. Be. More. Excited! If all goes well, in 13 days we will be moving into the house that very closely resembles the house of our dreams.


And then we’re going to make it the house of our dreams! One little baby step at a time.

Holy cow. It’s happening.

And just like that, a blog is reborn.



  1. Nuts! I tried to comment and can’t remember my password. Great post. Can’t wait to see your new home!!! And watch it morph into your dream!! Love you!

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. I wish you could be here.

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