bridging the gap

Things have been rather interesting lately. By interesting I mean kind of awful with some terrible mixed in for effect. Let’s just say my attitude and the weather seem to be in sync, at least, when the weather is negative. As in 20 below. Trailer life in extreme weather conditions, well, it’s extremely


It is not Jena. But my littlest niece just decided to add her two cents, and who I am to stop her? I just don’t have the heart to push backspace and forever wipe it from existence. Therefore, Jena remains.

Trailer life in extreme weather conditions is decidedly daunting. It’s just plain hard. It’s extreme, like my moods and my attitude lately. The weather seems to be a catalyst for the deterioration of all things trailerish, and all my positivity as well. When the weather’s nice and sun is warm, when the truck is running, not frozen and the blue sky stretches out forever, when the tanks are full (or empty, depending on what the tank holds) and the bike trail has no ice, then you’ll find me smiling. Not one of those things is going down lately. My smile’s MIA. My laugh’s a little forced, maybe even a little manic. When some things go wrong, I can take it in stride and find the silver lining. But when it all falls apart at once, I inevitably fall apart as well.

I’m about one little unpleasant situation away from breaking into a billion pieces.

But then I remember almost every problem, every issue, every little bump in the road is TEMPORARY. No matter how it feels, we will not be living in a toy-hauler forever. We won’t. And when we don’t, ah, life will be so much sweeter for the experience.

To be completely honest, usually, it’s not so bad. On a normal day, I actually love the RV life. I really do. Just not today.

Probably not tomorrow either.

For many weeks I’ve been want to blog about bridging the gap. That’s what Randy and I call our sleeping arrangement solution, but I’ve been so down and out, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Today, I can put it off no longer and so, now, for your reading pleasure, without further ado, I give you: bridging the gap.

You probably already know that because we added a closet bar to the back of our toy-hauler, we can no longer use the drop down bed above it. If you didn’t already know that, catch up here: when the going gets tough.

That leaves us with the two fold out “couch” beds on both sides of the trailer. A rather “I love Lucy” set up straight from the 50s. Separate beds. And though on many nights we are too lazy or exhausted, or rushed to dream of tropical islands and sunburns to do anything about it, often we wondered the best way to fix the problem of having this separate sleeping arrangement.


Then, one day Randy said, let’s just bridge the gap. That just seemed so perfectly reasonable, we did.


We bought a piece of ¾” plywood and cut it to the exact measurements of a couch in its sleeping position. We wanted it big enough to make sure it didn’t fall through when we were sleeping, but small enough to store completely out of sight. We decided we would always leave one of the couches in the folded down bed position and store the plywood under the mattress. I don’t think of it as losing a couch so much as gaining a daybed.


All we have to do to create a single bed is: fold out the remaining couch to its sleeping position,


slide the plywood out from under the mattress so that half is one each couch


and twist the two bed mattresses 90 degrees.


I suppose you wouldn’t have to twist the mattresses, but we do it for several reasons. First, there is a light centered above the couch, which serves nicely as a reading light. Next, turning the mattresses creates a headboard and footboard illusion using each side of the trailer. Also, the space at the foot of the bed is a great spot to prop up a TV (or in our case my new awesome laptop that plays Blue Ray DVDs).


It’s also nice to have the bed facing a window. We just like it better that way. But feel free to have your head and feet just floating in space if you want to. It’s your life.

Here’s some not so great things about bridging the gap. One person will inevitably have to crawl over the other if there is an urge to purge in the night, if you catch my drift. With the closet in the back, and the door in the front the same problems exists if one person needs to get dressed and go to work while the more lazy and unemployed other person, well, she sleeps in. Putting the bed together with two people is a snap, but when the lazy unemployed person has to take it apart alone, well, sometimes she gets a splinter or two.




  1. As always, necessity is the mother of invention. It seems like a very good compromise.

    1. Hi there, LC! Good to hear from you… My intermittent internet keeps me from keeping up on my favorite blogs so I’ve missed you : )
      And ain’t that the truth? Seems like every week I’m finding a need to invent a solution to something or other. It’s exhausting. And kind of fun. But no lie, a house is going to be a very welcome change.

  2. Good job! You two are so clever, creative and resourceful. Can’t wait for you to be in a home with room!!!

    1. Word to my Mother. Me neither.

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