closet remodel, because saying remodel means the “closet” is somehow more than just a cupboard

Happy New Year! Isn’t New Year’s great? Each New Year I find myself utterly and completely inspired. I make goals and plans and dream big dreams. I basically figure out how to make the world a better place. Then I wake up on the 2nd plum tuckered from the previous day’s thinking and whatnot and I abandon 98% of what I hoped to accomplish for the year. I find that this keeps things real. Fortunately, living in the RV, the list of things to do is relatively short anyway. I figure that by the middle of February, I’ll be transitioning in to my kicking back for the rest of the year mode. Can’t wait.

Until then, one of the first things I needed to do in the RV this year was tackle the original closet. If you’ve read rv sweet rv part du, you already know that we created a closet space in the back that works perfectly for us. And I just want to add, good for you! You’re totally keeping up! One big fat bonus that is a direct result of building our new closet is this, having an awesome new closet frees up the pathetic old closet in the bathroom to become whatever I want it to be. REMODEL!!! Kind of.

What I want it to be is usable space. That’s it. Call me a dreamer, accuse me of having my head in the clouds, go ahead. I dare you. All I need to be able to do is organize the crap that that is currently stacked in a pile behind the closed “closet” door. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, isn’t that what doors are for? I know, I know! And yes, that is why God created doors somewhere around the 332nd day. To be honest, if I had a few more doors, I would probably go with it. I really would. But I need every nook and cranny. At least, I need every nook and cranny available.


Aren’t those hangers adorable and completely useless? The solution to the space problem isn’t some fantastic, intricate, epiphany. It’s nothing I drew up and tried to build using tools. It was a trip to home depot. It’s premade, free-standing shelves. It’s common and simple and absolutely wonderriffic. Rad even. And I don’t use that word lightly. Who wouldn’t be super stoked to get extra space in the bathroom? Look people, follow me on this one. I only have TWO ROOMS. One is a bathroom. If I said, “one is a toilet”, well, that would be more accurate. Having a place to put folded towels? That’s a luxury.

And it’s all about vertical space.


Goal attained. Next step: how to use foil-sided Styrofoam to insulate the windows without looking like a crackie with a traveling meth lab. That one might take a little more thought.

Hope this year brings you great joy, and more vertical space than your heart could possibly desire.




  1. You had me at “vertical space.” I’m addicted to finding vertical space anywhere and everywhere… my daughter’s first dorm room, my craft room, my tiny kitchen cabinets in my post WW2 house, and especially my garage. You go girl! I own more pre-made shelving units than underwear! 😉

    1. I know what someone’s getting for Christmas next year… Thanks Carol! Totally agree, every kitchen cabinet has a wire shelf. Could not make it without them 🙂

  2. Aunt Mari · · Reply

    Nicely done!!!!

    1. Thanks Aunt Mari. I try. I really try.

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