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As promised…

Moving to a new state is a pretty stressful thing. Moving to a new state with the intent of living in a toy-hauler for an undetermined amount of time, well, there’s not really a word. Stressful doesn’t really cover it. Insane comes closer, but also leaves something to be desired. I’m just brainstorming here, but words like crackpot, unthinkable, impossible, preposterous, lame-brained, ill-considered, and possibly idiotic, race immediately to mind.

But I feel like I’m starting off on the wrong foot here.

Let’s try this again.

Moving to a new state, to live in a toy-hauler, for who knows how long, may seem a bit crazy, BUT it can be done!

That’s better.

Just how to make it work takes some planning. Planning, determination, and dump trucks full of magic to be exact. Thankfully, we had all of those in abundance, I mean, obviously, except for the dump trucks. Our planning takes us all the way back to the summer of 2012. In 2012, we took the RV to my brother’s house in Colorado Springs to give it an overhaul and find a place to store it. We knew then that we would soon be making the big move. We also knew that if we wanted to live in the RV we needed to make some changes, improvements, if you will. And you will. And I thank you for it.

Let me show you the before photo of the couch upholstery:


Need I say more? I mean, yuck. What am I trying to do? Camouflage my sleeping self so that I blend into the desert sunset? No thanks. A… I’m not 100 years old. B… I hate the desert. And C… Nothing good could come of keeping the couches as is. So. A+B+C= they had to change.


What a simple change. A fitted bed sheet in the right color goes a long way in an RV. Add a few throw pillows and you’re there. From the get go I was determined to make an honest to goodness home out of the toy hauler, and I think I’ve gotten pretty close.

I had some inspiration in the form of a duvet on clearance from pottery barn, which I loved.


And what’s not to love? I loved it so much, I bought two. One for the bed, one for everything else. And by everything else I mean, the shower curtain, the kitchen window curtain, the valance covers, and the front door window shade.





After decorating the interior, we jammed the quads and Baja bug back in it and stored it for a year.
Fast forward to summer 2013. The number one improvement we made in 2013 was putting in wood-ish looking floor. It might seem a bit over the top to put a wood-ish floor in a toy-hauler, but believe me, it’s the one thing that totally made the space livable. If I would have had to live with the original, oil stained flooring, I don’t think I would have lasted a month.



If you are actually going to live in an RV long term I would suggest you start thinking about storage. Seriously, start right now. Utilizing any and all space available is absolutely imperative for success. We bought baskets that fit above the shelving,


You may be shocked by what I’m about to say, but toy-haulers do not come equipped with a very nice closet. There is a closetish thing in the bathroom, but it would not due for two grownups with more than a few teeshirts between them. So we added a cloths rack under the bed which gave us just enough room. Under that, we added shoe racks.


We also picked up a cheap dresser at a flea market. Of course we also totally beautified said dresser. Distressing that bad boy was an amazing de-stresser. See what I did there?


Any homey touches go a long way towards making such a small space comfortable.


As awesome as that dresser and the wood-ish floor are, the number one reason we are able to live happily in an RV, is that my husband and I love each other so much. I know, I know, all, most, some married people love each other or whatever; we are not so unique in that. But it is so true, and here’s the magic: We are each other’s best pal. We get along in close quarters. There is no one else we would rather be hanging around than each other. We’ve been living in the RV for over 6 months, and we haven’t killed each other, yet. We haven’t even thought about it, yet. Well, I can only speak for one of us, but I am fairly certain it’s true of us both. I feel like time is flying by. I often think I should be miserable, but I am not. Not even close. I’m happy in my little space. Somewhat more carefree than I’ve been able to be in the past. I can honestly say that the credit goes to my husband, who has been a constant source of fun and laughter throughout this whole transition.

I ain’t gonna lie… If someone were to hand me a house right about now, I’d be gone in a hot second. We both look forward to the time when we get to move on (and in) to the next step in our journey. But I wouldn’t trade this time for anything. Not only are we learning more about ourselves and each other, but also, we are living a much simpler life and enjoying every minute.



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  1. BRAVO!!!

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