pizza, pals, parents and a sourdough pizza recipe in that order

If you’re here for the sourdough pizza dough recipe, skip to the end, this is going to be a real rambler.

I have had more pizza these past two weeks than I’ve had all year. And I’m not complaining. Just thought I’d share.

We wrapped up the Long Beach leg of our Homeless Tour 2013 (LBLHT2013) last week. It’s so hard to say goodbye to our friends and family, but we are really excited about the things that are to come. So, needless to say, I’m a basket case. There are far too many emotions to keep track of, so I’ve stopped trying. One minute I’m daydreaming and absolutely giddy about the future, the next I’m all teary-eyed, borderline depressed thinking about how much I’ll miss my niece and nephews and parents and family and friends and friends’ kids. The kids will grow and I will miss it. I’m praying that Emma’s first full sentence will be, “Hi Jenny, it’s great to see you here again on skype, and you are still one of my very favorite people.” It could happen. I’m a mess. Yikes. And Yay! See what I mean?

We’ve keep very busy these last few weeks. Many nights brought us together with family and old friends and more often than not, pizza.

We ate in, at Lamppost Pizza, before a round of miniature golf with the Pattersons. If you’ve never played miniature golf with a toddler I suggest you try it at least once. Good times. Make sure to give said toddler his or her own club and absolute reign over the green. If you don’t think it’s a blast, then step back and remember that you’re playing MINIATURE GOLF, people. Lighten up. We had a great time with Ben and Cindy and Sam and Emma. And I nailed the hole-in-one when it mattered, for anyone that might be keeping track.

We ordered up some pizza for take-out, while we visited with our friends John and Heather. What a hilarious night. Between Randy and John rocking out on electric guitars and Heather and John solving the mystery of the chewed camera cord we had more than a few laughs and made some lasting memories. Watching John and Heather tag team their kids while they tried to solve afore mentioned mystery was like watching fine art come to life. How they keep straight faces is beyond me, but man, what a team.

All pizza all the time, well, that’s just too much pizza (yes, Cindy, there is so such a thing). So, I’m especially thankful for my pal Shelly Bird, who treated me to some real food at the Corner Bakery. Lunch with this dear friend was the real treat. We’ve been friends since kindergarten, I think, maybe even before, and a little distance won’t change that. But I will miss the Sunday morning drive-by-huggings. Seriously, if you’re ever at 1bl on a Sunday morning you should totally find her and see if you can get one. Trust me; you’ll be glad you did.

We got another break from the pizza when we got together with Randy’s cousins at Fuddruckers for some Elk burgers. I wrote all about it in my blog unexpected blessings. What an amazing day.

And that brings me right back to the pizza. We got together one more time with the family of Emma where we had some pizza of the homemade variety. If you’re going to be making pizza at home it never hurts to have a Chef slap it together, I’m just saying. Getting enough time with this family would be darn near impossible, which is why I’m so happy to be the first one to announce that they will be moving to Colorado with us in a few weeks!!!

No, no they won’t. That was just a flat out lie. But wouldn’t it be so cool?

On the last day of LBLHT2013, I got to hang with my brother’s kids. Nothing I’d rather do and that’s the truth. If I have to fly myself back to get them, every summer, and drag them by their hair, noses, earlobes or what-have-yous, to the Wingert Homestead for at least a week, every single year, until I die, or the youngest turns 45, whichever comes first, I will. Believe that I will. Because I am going to. Bank on it. I already miss them. Oh man, I gotta stop this train before it pulls into ”I-am-going-to-start-crying-hystarically-and-rocking-back-and-forth-in-the-fetal-position” station. Too late. Dang.

Earlier this week we made pizza dough from our sourdough starter for my parents. I am so grateful for the time Randy and I have spent with my mom and dad this past month. I would be impossible to list the moments and memories that we will carry with us. So, I’m not going to try. I’m just going to tell you about the pizza. Because I am emotionally spent and also because, oh my gosh, it was so good.

Sourdough Pizza

What you’ll need:

One cup sourdough starter
One cup flour
¼ cup olive oil
Your choice of seasonings/herbs for the crust
Your choice of toppings

What you’ll do:
Preheat oven to 500 degrees
Mix all ingredients together using a dough hook in your mixer
Let mix at medium speed until it forms into a well-mixed dough ball

Let the dough rest, covered, for 30 minutes
We wanted thick and thin so we made two
Now’s a good time to prepare the toppings. We made shredded chicken covered in BBQ sauce for one pizza
and Pepperoni and sausage with mushrooms for the other.
Roll out the dough to the thickness you want on a well-floured surface, transfer to what you cook it on/in and use a fork to poke holes all over the dough
Prebake the dough until it begins to brown, 5-8 minutes depending on thickness, we let the thin go a smidge too long
Pile on your toppings
and bake until heated through checking every few minutes to make sure the crust doesn’t burn (more)

I like pizza. I like pizza a lot. But I love the time spent with friends much more. I’m a sad, nervous, excited and hopeful mess having left Long Beach behind. Now we move on to Leg two of the Tour and hang with Randy’s family. And I’ve never been more happy that his family loves to order





  1. Is it too late for you to stay here? Don’t move! Or at least promise to visit often. 🙂

    1. We promise to visit AND create a spot for your family to come see us ANYTIME – ALL THE TIME. Love you guys!

  2. I know this is a great thing, the best. I’m excited to see your life together open up to all the possibilities, plans, and surprises! Colorado. Wow! BUT. We. Will. Miss. You. So. Much.

    1. We already miss you. But we don’t really have to worry about all this missing you stuff till after summer. So see ya in a few weeks : )

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