memories that will sustain us

When you have to start a blog backing up from your first sentence, before you even write it, you know you’re going to be in trouble.  Look, no offense to all parties involved; this is no time to be extra sensitive.  But here goes.  I’m sure for some people moving back in with their parents would be hard.  Really hard.  Some people might fleetingly feel like failures in this, the game of life.  An awkward and unpleasant sensation of moving backwards through space and time, might be experienced by some.  Words like, oh I don’t know, moocher, freeloader, lollygagger, carpetbagger, bum, loser, slacker, parasite, degenerate, letdown


Word like those might briefly flash through some peoples’ minds.   But not me, man.  Check out this view:



All I’m saying is a view like this makes it much easier.  Not that it was hard to begin with so settle down.

And, in all fairness, we did not in fact move in, in the typical sense.  We are just passing through.  We are wanderers, vagabonds, loiterers really.  But what a fun couple weeks this has been!

We have:

said goodbye to our mountain


in our own special way


walked and jogged and rollerbladed miles and miles and miles along the beach path

fished the shores and the piers

kidnapped the brother’s kids for a movie and burgers and Yogurtland and all around spoiling


watched movies with the folks and fallen asleep to the sound of private banjo concerts

learned that two dogs are better than one, but one is good enough to buffer any permanent damage

searched for and found the ever elusive sea glass


found that high-arches and flatfeet can live together harmoniously – sort of

partaken in Tuesday Night Dinners

hung out with old friends and made a new one


soaked California into our pores and the frontal lobes of our brains

And we’re not done yet.

This spring and summer, we will strive to create warm memories that will sustain us through the cold seasons to come.  We surround ourselves with friends and family so that we can remember we are loved when we find ourselves alone.  Maybe it’s a mistake.  Maybe it will be harder to leave.

But I’d rather be reminded of what I will miss, than leave having missed the experience entirely.

And we’re not done yet.




  1. Lisa M. · · Reply

    This just made me miss you 😦

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