First step to our future homestead

It finally happened. Truthfully, it started happening awhile ago, and it will continue to happen for quite some time. Events were set in motion so long ago, I almost forgot that time was steadily doing what time does. It marched on silently. So slowing bringing us ever closer to the day I had been waiting for, I started to forget to wait. Then BOOM. There it was. And then it was gone.




Moving day happened.  My little house in the woods is mine no longer.  I will miss my beautiful cabin, but we’ve left Lake Arrowhead for good. No, for great.

Lake Arrowhead is the home of my absolute favorite moments, my highest highs. Its borders also contain my most despicable actions, my lowest of filthy lows. It is both the place where I fell in love and was engaged to the man I didn’t even dare hope to dream for – the beginning of my joy, and the place I fell into such a hopeless and black despair I wished for the end of it all. There, I leave my best friends and my most horrible frienemies. I am so glad that we left. And I will miss it with all of my heart.

Now, the true journey begins. It starts with a celebration of friendships and family, an effort to shore up our relationships and prepare our hearts and minds for the long gaps between times when we are again with those we love, those we soon will leave. No longer sheltered by the walls that were ours, we’ve taken the major step; we’ve stepped onto the road. We are exposed, but we have a direction and a new plan: Stop planning so much.

An RV patiently waits in Colorado Springs, ready to house us, carry us into new territories and show us what we’ve been looking for. I am so excited to travel this path. I’m giddy for what waits on the other side. I plan to bring you along, if you want to come. It may be a little cramped, but it is sure to be an adventure. And the destination is just the beginning.




  1. Jennifer,
    I was just thinking about you yesterday! I’m so excited for you and the journey ahead for you and Randy!
    I’ll be excited to hear about your trip!
    Love and HUGE hugs,
    Diane Lawrence

    1. Diane, I’ll tell you about it in person as you’ll be one of my first dates! Love you.

      1. I look forward to having a date with you!!
        Love and hugs, my friend!….and Happy Trails!

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