tomato and cucumber bounty (and by bounty I mean one of each)

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post.  Lots going on, just not much writing.  But growing, yes, GROWING, has been happening.  My little-deck-box-that-could, did!   I was finally able to consume some real-life-home-grown healthy stuff  just this last weekend, and dang it, it was totally awesome.  Not trying to brag but, yeah man, I AM trying to brag so just scratch the first part of this sentence.   Probably much like you, I’ve been watching myself through this whole gardening experiment with a bit of a detached amusement – but things just got pretty serious people.  My very first ripe tomato and cucumber appeared on the very same day.  Check this:

Pretty sweet, eh?

So, I cut them up (along with some shallots, also from the deck box), added a pinch of salt and pepper and a dash of oil and vinegar.

And then I did what any excited first time gardener would do.

I grabbed the only other human being in the house and made him eat it and then repeatedly tell me how amazing and wonderful and awesome it was.  And it was indeed.

Here’s what’s on the horizon:

And lots of Tomatoes!!!

All in all I have about 30 little tomatoes and 8-10 cucumbers growing away.  There’s also various onions and summer squash still in the works.  I’m really excited to see (and by “see” I mean eat) the Gold Medal tomatoes when they ripen.

I also cannot wait to find the time to write about my recent road trip to Colorado – an epic adventure to say the least.  Trust me,  you can’t wait to hear all about it.




  1. Isn’t it funny how caught up in growing things when we once get started? I check my tomatoes and squash almost every morning. My tomatoes are just about gone, but the squash just keeps on giving – continually for two years now!

    1. So true, Mrs. G, I can’t keep myself from going out several times a day to search for the faintest change in color. It’s been fun, I only wish my squash would be as generous!

  2. There’s nothing better than tomato and cucumber salad from your own garden. Enjoy.

    1. I concure. Furshure. So good. Hi LC!

  3. Now, that’s interesting. Because that is not at all what I would have done… I would have eaten it all myself. And then told him: it was delicious, take my word for it.

    1. A. Is it weird that when I see in my email that you have commented or replied to a comment of mine, I immediately start with the (sometimes nervous) laughter and can’t focus on anything else until I read it? Is it?
      B. Have you ever considered taking the path of a life coach? You should seriously consider it. I think your way would have TWICE as delicious and 2 times more filling. I can pay you in the form of free stuff from the craigslist in my area. Oh! And pine needles.

      1. It’s obvious to you and I how amazing I would be at assisting people at bettering their lives… however? It’s possible many people could not handle the end result of their sheer awesomeness.

        (Plus, I am really bad at running my own life… so I should probably focus on that first.)

      2. Those who can’t, teach. True, your methods would probably weed out the awesome intolerant and the weak, but is that really a bad thing? Just saying, think about it.

  4. Your deck box is producing way more per square foot than my 24- by 48-foot garden, which is FULL of weeds, by the way! 😦 I plan on reclaiming it before the fall season in through, though. Anyway, nice work! The tomato-cucumber salad looks delish!

    1. Thanks Jessica L! I must say, I’m quite impressed with it too. But the conditions are ideal and it’s so easy to manage the space… we’ll see how it translates to a bigger garden next year.

  5. How does your garden grow? Amazingly so! Really enjoy your posts, and sense of humor. 🙂 Glad the other human being in your house is so supportive too, that helps a lot.

    1. Thanks much! I enjoy writing them. I’ve really been having a great time learning and practicing these new skills. The humor is just my way of coping with the face that I’m mostly blundering my way through it… but it’s fun none the less : ) Have a great week!

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