sangria alone

It’s amazing how just a few short months ago I was so sick and tired of cold weather  I was cursing the snow and talking smack to the sun about how incredibly weak it was.   I craved heat like a Kardashian craves attention (and if you don’t know who the Kardashians are, be grateful and move on).  As the story goes, now that the heat of the summer is rearing its ugly head, what I wouldn’t give to have just one day of delicious coldness.   I keep meaning to appreciate the seasons while they’re still, well, in season, but I always forget.  It’s a fun little cyclical dichotomy. 

Anyhoo, this last weekend was a pretty hot one – nothing major, just the 7th trying to outdo the 4th, happens every year in July.  We had some great friends up for a visit and I figured it was just about the perfect time to mix up this summer’s first batch of Sangria.  Sangria is just so stinking good.  I mean, what exactly is it?  Is it a punch, is it a meal?  It’s a liquid and it’s a solid, nutritious and delicious.  If it didn’t so cherish the few brain cells I have left I might try a little experiment.  Could man live by Sangria alone?  I’m just saying, it’s probably possible.  You should totally try it.  My inner lawyer is strongly suggesting I state that I’m not actually recommending you try it.  But you totally should.  And if you do, let me know how it goes, ummkay?   

So to sum up, hot bad, cold good, unless it’s cold, then cold bad, hot good.  Sangria is rad.  You should try, but you shouldn’t, but you totally should. 

Here’s how:


2 bottles of Apothic Red (best wine ever, thanks, B)

1 lemon

1 lime

1 orange

2 plumbs

1 peach

½ cup blueberries

10 strawberries

1 cup gin

5 tbsp sugar

Splash of lemonade

Ginger Ale (if you’re a big kid) or Club Soda (if you’re a grown-up)

Wash and cut up the fruit.  Pour one bottle of the wine into a pitcher.

Squeeze the juice from the citrus fruit into the wine then plop it all in.

Perfect Sangria

Add the rest of the fruit, the second bottle of wine, the sugar, the gin and a splash of lemonade.  Stir well enough to desolve the sugar.  Refrigerate overnight. 

Serve the next day over ice with club soda or ginger ale to taste.  Make sure to get plenty of fruit in your glass, because not only is it delicious, but also you could just start eating it if someone askes you a question don’t want to answer.   

Sangria.  Is there anything it can’t do?  



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