Monthly Archives: July 2012

how my garden grows

I’m kind of realizing that if everything works out perfectly with my little garden I can very likely scrape together enough food to make a meal.  One.Meal.People.  How rad is that?!  WaaaaWhooooo!  Maybe (I mean definitely) I won’t be providing food for the winter, and maybe (again, definitely) canning and preserving are a bit of […]

Perfect Sangria

sangria alone

It’s amazing how just a few short months ago I was so sick and tired of cold weather  I was cursing the snow and talking smack to the sun about how incredibly weak it was.   I craved heat like a Kardashian craves attention (and if you don’t know who the Kardashians are, be grateful and move on).  […]

the faint scent of hopelessness

As promised, here’s the written result of the no shampoo freak out I had last week.  I’ll have you know as of today, I’m 69 days shampoo free, but the following still basically represents my current state of mind.  Enjoy.  I’VE HAD IT UP TO HERE. Is it too soon to digress?   When I was little my […]

the great healing

Have you missed me?  I’ve missed you.  Man, I got the worst computer virus EVER! The Black screen of death appeared, popups proclaiming the demise of my hard drive, all programs and icons – GONE – freaky stuff, no joke.  I instantly shut down my computer (right after I coaxed my heart back up from […]