It’s now been 45 days since my last shampoo, and as you may already know from my past writings, shampoo freedom hasn’t been all unicorns and rainbows for me.   BUT, I keep searching around and I think I have found another great fix for my hair.   I thought I had fixed the problem with lemons, but it returned:  the bleckyness.  My hair again became dull, heavy and greasy at the roots.  I’m starting to get pretty jealous of people, like my mom, who don’t seem to have any of these problems.

My first fix was lemons.  I cut a lemon in half and squeezed it directly on my head.  At first, that seemed to do the trick, but a week later the bleckyness returned and the lemon stopped working so well.  Next, I moved on to cornstarch.  I know this sounds weird, but I just sprinkled cornstarch in my hair and brushed it through with a boar bristle brush.  This really helps in a pinch, but I didn’t just want to cover the greasiness, I wanted to GO AWAY.  So, I went to my very wise, very old pal, Google, and I asked what the heck I should do.

As it turns out, amazing awesomeness has a name and its name is Egg White.  All sorts of ideas for egg white washes started popping up.  I started reading about it and I knew I’d found the answer.  Who would have thunk that eggs would be the perfect solution to the greasy root issue, which in turn solves the heavy hair issue and as an added bonus, leaves the hair shiny, thus solving the dullness issue.  Egg whites equal unicorns and rainbows.  Seriously.

I’m now washing my hair two to three times a week.  On Sunday nights I use my trusty mixture of one tablespoon of baking soda and one cup of hot water to start things off.

I pour this into an old shampoo bottle, shake it around, rub it in just like I would with shampoo and rinse it out really well. Next I take a mixture of two egg whites and one tablespoon of fat free milk, again, I pour this directly on my head just like shampoo.

While this sits on my head I take care of the rest of my showering business.  One important thing to say about the egg white wash, you’ve got to use cool water.  If the water in your shower is too hot you will cook the eggs right into your hair.  No good.  Trust this.  Do not learn the hard way.

Once you’ve let it sit a few minutes rinse it out really well and move on to the apple cider vinegar rinse.  One tablespoon vinegar with one cup hot water will do the trick.  I usually only let this sit on my hair for less than a minute then rinse it out and I’m done.  I can air dry my hair, or blow it dry and it stays clean and light and shiny for about three days.  OKmaybethethirddayisaponytailday-whatever.  On Wednesday nights I do the same thing again, but I only use the eggs if my hair needs it.  You’ll have to figure this out for yourself.  I wash my hair again on Fridays, but without the eggs altogether.  If you use the egg whites too much your hair will dry out.

Ok I’m moving on to a funny thing that happened today.  I ran into my sweet, sweet friend who will not be named because I don’t want to embarrass her (she’s a nurse and her name rhymes with harry – ican’thelpmyself), at the gas station.  She said that she went three weeks without shampoo and it just wasn’t working for her.  She said that her hair got all brittle and dry and it was greasy at the roots and super tangled, and it was just not working out in general.  After talking for a minute she admitted that she hadn’t used the vinegar rinse – EVER!  And yeah, then it all made sense.  Come on, friend whose name rhymes with harry (who I love very much so don’t kill me next time I see you), the vinegar is necessary – imperative even! To her credit, that she went THREE WEEKS with that mess tells me that she has the stones to really make it through the detox period.  And I know you’re reading this so, I’ll just say, I hope you do it again!  WITH THE VINEGAR!  And I heart you a bunch!

Who knew?  Egg whites – they’re not just for breakfast anymore.




  1. Love it! I’ve been no-pooing with you for about a week now. I only washed twice… last Sunday or Monday night (I can’t remember exactly) and then again yesterday morning. I didn’t actually measure my ingredients the first time (I “eye-balled it” like Rachel Ray), which was a mistake b/c my baking soda solution was too concentrated and made my hair dry and frizzy, even though it felt really soft. I ended up smoothing in some Burts Bees body oil (that I happened to have on hand) to cut the frizz, which worked. Oh- and I took a curling iron to it a couple of times to smooth the frizz too. On Sunday I measured, and even used 2 tsp (rather than the 1 tbs) of baking soda per 1 c water in an effort to reduce the frizz, and that worked well too. I used a little bit of the body oil, but not as much as the first time, and I didn’t need to use an iron. Anyway… I think that’s what I’m sticking with for now…. 2 tsp (2/3 tbs) baking soda to 1 c water, and the full 1 tbs cider vinegar to 1 c water. Amazing how the cider vinegar works! Your friend will definitely notice a difference once she does that! Glad you found something to help perfect your routine (the eggs)! Looking forward to hearing how that continues to go for you. I may blog about my no-poo experience at some point. If I do, I’ll cite your blog, since you got me started on this!

    1. Hey Jessica L! Good for you! My best advice is that you just keep experimenting and don’t give up. I think my worst time was week three to four, but if I would have known about the egg whites then it would have been much easier. Let me know how you’re doing along the way!

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