feast your eyes on this

Now accepting metaphorical pats on the back, rounds of applause, theoretical fist bumps and thumbs up, hypothetical high fives, and well dones and good on yous. 

Radish soup, radish scampi, fried radish, smoked radish, baked, broiled and barbequed radish, radish sandwiches, radish casserole, radish pie, radish turnovers, radish tartar, radish stew, radish dumplings, radish puree, radish jerky.  Oh yeah, people, we’re not going to starve! 




  1. There you go, a new culinary delight, the all radish cookbook 😉
    She’s a looker that one.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing – on both counts. Thanks anna!

  2. Pulled a few radish from the garden, did you? I’d love to see a radish pie. 🙂

    1. I totally did! And ima do it again today. 🙂 Man oh man, LC, I hope I never have to make a radish pie, but I’m telling you if nothing else grows it’s very possibly a dish of my future. Bleck.

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