it’s about the fish

Back before my husband was even officially my boyfriend, he blew off Christmas Eve dinner with my family to fish.  To fish, people.  Not going to lie, I was pretty mad.  We were at the beginning stages of figuring each other out and let’s just say that little episode taught us very valuable lessons about each other.  He learned that if he says he’s going to be at Christmas Eve dinner with my family he better BE at Christmas Eve dinner with my family.  I learned that the boy loves to fish.  Like, really, really loves it.   Didn’t take me too long to realize that I really, really loved that boy, so I’m really glad I didn’t completely  fly off the handle and give him the boot on Christmas day.  I did, however, give him a healthy heaping of grief with a side of guilt.  Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

Anyways, the point of all this isn’t to rub salt into old wounds, though I’m not morally opposed to rubbing salt into old wounds; it’s about the fish.

This year Randy’s been doing a lot of fishing at the lake by our house.  And this year, he’s been catching huge trout- lots of huge trout.  Our freezer is full and our grocery bill has gone down, because his fishing is really providing.  We can eat fish twice a week for the next month (or more) on what he has already caught.   And there’s still more to come.  I think that’s pretty cool.

A few weeks back he went fishing with his friend Carl.  They both caught some great fish and we decided to get together and see the best way to cook them up.  We breaded and fried two, barbequed two and smoked three.  Everything was delicious.  Lately, Randy’s been baking the fish in our cast iron skillet.  Sometimes he uses coconut oil, sometimes not, but either way, oh my gosh, it is so good.  Here’s what he did last time with fish he had caught the same day:

Scrub off the scales

Cut stuff

Remove the bones

Yum!  They look so good

Simple ingredients; sea salt, pepper, some spices, onions, and lemons

Spice it up

Add onions

Add lemons

Bake 350-degree oven for around 15 minutes

Eat and forget about any past-Christmas-Eve-dinner-missing-shenanigans




  1. K Eldridge · · Reply

    Randy’s fish is the best. I thought I didn’t like lake fish but boy was I wrong. Smoked, fried, baked…it’s great!

  2. There is NOTHING like fresh caught fish! Jealous you have such a rich supply!

    1. Right? I’m loving it!

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