Monthly Archives: June 2012


This last weekend I had a boat-full of fun in the sun.  My husband’s family all met up in Laughlin, NV, with water toys in tow, for a little R & R at the river.  So. Rad.  The whole idea for this get-away came from Randy’s grandmeire.  This lady is amazing.  In fact, his whole […]


It’s now been 45 days since my last shampoo, and as you may already know from my past writings, shampoo freedom hasn’t been all unicorns and rainbows for me.   BUT, I keep searching around and I think I have found another great fix for my hair.   I thought I had fixed the problem with lemons, […]

diy – deodorant and lotion

Well, here we are.   And just how did we get here, by the way?  I didn’t exactly wake up this morning and proclaim, “It’s a mighty fine day to talk about BO.”  But I guess we’ll talk about it anyway.  Look, I’ve been wearing deodorant for going on 25 years.  That’s a weighty chunk of […]

diy – laundry detergent, powder

Next on the list of things you should be making yourself: Laundry Detergent.  This is so simple, so cheap and so much better than the harsh chemicals in typical laundry soaps.  This can be used for regular washers, or HE machines.  I have a HE front loader and it works great.  It’s also very low […]

diy – toothpaste

When I was a junior in high school I went to the dentist and she told me I had 9 cavities.  NINE!  I had never had a cavity in my life so naturally I was freaked out.  I had six of them filled.  She said the rest could wait. A few months later I went […]

charlie sheen’s got nothing on me

My potassium hydroxide is in transit. Soon I will make my liquid soap and I am so excited.  I simply cannot wait to get my rubber-gloved hands on that stuff.  But it’s in Florida, and I’m in California.  So I guess it’s going to be at least a few more minutes.  In the meantime, I […]

feast your eyes on this

Now accepting metaphorical pats on the back, rounds of applause, theoretical fist bumps and thumbs up, hypothetical high fives, and well dones and good on yous.  Radish soup, radish scampi, fried radish, smoked radish, baked, broiled and barbequed radish, radish sandwiches, radish casserole, radish pie, radish turnovers, radish tartar, radish stew, radish dumplings, radish puree, […]

two things i didn’t do

I had some great plans for the weekend.  First, I wanted to make some liquid castile soap.  Next, I wanted to use that soap as the base of a bunch of cleaning products.  So now you know the two things I didn’t do. I was really excited about making the soap.  I was going to […]

it’s about the fish

Back before my husband was even officially my boyfriend, he blew off Christmas Eve dinner with my family to fish.  To fish, people.  Not going to lie, I was pretty mad.  We were at the beginning stages of figuring each other out and let’s just say that little episode taught us very valuable lessons about […]