let me out of this nutshell

This is going to be harder than I thought.  And, believe you me, I thought it would be plenty hard.  I’ve waited and thought and waited and thought almost to the point of decay.  You see, in my mind I imagine page after page of interesting, funny and informative, thought-provoking prose.  I see my Dear Readers chuckling at my admittedly bizarre humor, pondering my unique take on the mundane, eagerly awaiting my next offering to the blog-o-sphere.  Basically, I picture an ocean of strangely adult-looking baby Bear Blu Silverstones voraciously devouring my chewed up and spit out thoughts. 

But in reality, I’ve been staring at a blinking cursor on a blank page for over an hour. 
The problem is that I want to blog about things I’m doing, not things I’m going to do.  And at this moment, I’m not doing much at all.  Well, that’s not exactly true so let me try that again… And at this moment, I’m not doing much worth blogging about at all.  There.  That’s better.   I’ve got dreams people.  I’ve got buckets full of dreams.  But writing about dreams is fiction, and fiction is nothing but lies.  I refuse to turn my dreams into lies without even having had the chance to live them.  So Dear Readers let the eager awaiting begin.
Are you eager yet?  Not so much, huh?  Well, in the spirit of fairness, I suppose I should tell you where I’m heading and allow you to decide if you want to make the journey with me. 
In a nutshell, I want out. 
I’ve been reading about the horror that is our Food Industry.  I’ve been hearing these talking heads on the news reading spun fiction as fact.  I’ve been watching in disbelief as Brangelina and the Kardashians become the faces of American Family Values.   I’ve seen politicians and bureaucrats take over our schools and suck the smart right out of our future.  I have witnessed, even in this relatively short lifetime of mine, the people of this country handing over their freedoms and health in exchange for quick, easy, nutrient poor, valueless, pre-packaged, government-controlled lives. I’ve waited and watched and waited and watched almost to the point of decay.
I just want to take my little world back.  I’ve got to start where I am, with what I’ve got, but I’ve got to start.  So I’m growing a tiny garden, and I’m ditching as many mass-produced products as I can.  I am daily finding new ways to actively be involved in my own life.  I’m one of a very small number of people with my best interest in mind and I’m finally making changes to reflect that.  And I’m messing it up all along the way. But I’ve got plans for the future, plans to take back the freedoms that are mine… I’m going to share with you along the way, and hopefully learn from you as well.  I’m going to sort through these buckets of dreams one at a time, and they are going to become my reality. 


  1. Love your blog. I am working on doing the same. We just need to start converting them all huh?

    1. Thanks quilter 🙂 It’s been fun talking to so many like-minded folk. I’m a firm believe that everyone thinks like us, they just don’t know it yet 🙂

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