Monthly Archives: May 2012

slices of heaven

As I make more and more of my own food, I’m finding that there are amazing bonus foods to be had by being creative with the excess.  I don’t want to just make two loaves of sourdough and four loaves of wheat bread every single time I bake.  Even after giving some away, we end […]

holy whole wheat, batman

Early this weekend my mom came over and taught me how to use her mill to make wheat bread.  Compared to the sourdough process, this is a total breeze.  It should have taken about one hour total time, but it took us a little longer because I took extra time to take a bunch of […]

that’s awesome! ready to go wash your hair?

It’s day 27 without shampoo and I won’t lie, I’ve had some rough days.  This last week I’ve had more bad hair days than good, which was awfully discouraging.  Because I wear my hair up or in a ponytail a lot, most people probably couldn’t tell, but I could tell and it was really bringing […]

best. gift. ever.

My mom knits.  When I say she knits I need you to understand, I’m not just talking about the occasional hat or scarf, the freak-show holiday sweater.  She really knits, a true knitting machine.  She learned this skill (and I do mean skill) from my father’s mother, Virginia Eldridge – who was a masterful knitter.  Mom took […]

deck box… veggie casket? only time will tell

So here it is- the great reveal.  As you may know, this is my first attempt to see if I can actually grow something that can be consumed.  So far, so good, but we are only at the wee early stages of the project I’ve aptly named:  Maybe.  Maybe Not.  We’ll See. I’ve already posted […]

sourdough bread is so awesome

Oh man.  Sourdough Bread.  Nuff said. Ok.  I’ll elaborate some because I know you want me to and I aim to please. My mom sent off to Alaska for a wooden spoon dipped in sourdough starter.  Bless her soul, her beautiful, beautiful soul. I am now addicted to all things sourdough and if that’s wrong, […]

let them eat dirt

I have pretty limited space to garden.  Well, I have tons of space, great, wonderfully, sunny space, but not much of it is useable.  My yard is so covered in goffer holes and squirrel tunnels and burrows that it’s hard to even just walk around without falling through.  It hasn’t always been this way; the […]

i don’t have to wash my hair; i’m just not that into you.

I was born in the 70s, when daily shampooing was already well established as the the norm.   I never thought about it, I just did it.  It was like putting on new clean clothes every day, or brushing my teeth.  It was part of my daily routine (or every-other daily), done automatically without question.  Did […]


I do not hug trees.  I have to make this abundantly clear so that you, dear reader, don’t feel like I’m leading you on.   I eat things with faces.  I love meat.  I’ll be honest with you, if there was more meat on them, I would eat the faces.  I like whales and white rhinos, […]

country inner child

My mom grew up in the city of Los Angeles; my dad was a country boy from Pennsylvania.  They met somewhere in the middle while attending John Brown University in Arkansas.  Both passionate about music and in the music program, I like to picture them singing corny duets while shamelessly flirting in front of a […]