Because I solemnly swore to myself I wouldn’t write one more negative word about trailer living, it has been 54 days since my last blog. That’s all I can say about that without disappointing myself and breaking my solemn oath to me. Which, as I already know too well, would be an offence I would […]

Counter space is the greatest thing since sliced bread, especially when slicing bread.  Someday, I’ll get me some. Sliced bread is entirely overrated and isn’t nearly as great as running water. Not even close.  You try brushing your teeth every day with a bottle of water for the next three months and get back to me. […]

Things have been rather interesting lately. By interesting I mean kind of awful with some terrible mixed in for effect. Let’s just say my attitude and the weather seem to be in sync, at least, when the weather is negative. As in 20 below. Trailer life in extreme weather conditions, well, it’s extremely jena It […]

Happy New Year! Isn’t New Year’s great? Each New Year I find myself utterly and completely inspired. I make goals and plans and dream big dreams. I basically figure out how to make the world a better place. Then I wake up on the 2nd plum tuckered from the previous day’s thinking and whatnot and […]

Life in our RV has been pretty sweet, for the most part. The husby and I have spent much of our time hanging with our family, learning, simplifying, and enjoying the seasons and beauty of the surrounding areas. And that’s all I’m going to say about that, ’cause this blog’s all about the more challenging […]

As promised… Moving to a new state is a pretty stressful thing. Moving to a new state with the intent of living in a toy-hauler for an undetermined amount of time, well, there’s not really a word. Stressful doesn’t really cover it. Insane comes closer, but also leaves something to be desired. I’m just brainstorming […]

I cannot believe we have been in Colorado for six months. I really can’t quite wrap my head around it. I’m sitting here trying to figure out where all the time has gone and I can come up with only one answer: Time flies when you live in an RV (toy-hauler to be precise), whether […]

If you’re here for the sourdough pizza dough recipe, skip to the end, this is going to be a real rambler. I have had more pizza these past two weeks than I’ve had all year. And I’m not complaining. Just thought I’d share. We wrapped up the Long Beach leg of our Homeless Tour 2013 […]

I’m about to embark on something impossibly personal and I don’t know how to do it without feeling like I’m tromping on countless toes belonging to so many bodies.  It isn’t my story and maybe that’s what makes it hard.  It isn’t even a story it’s a life, a portion of a life still being […]

Pinterest is so cool, is it not?  This year I’ve taken a Pinterest idea to heart and been very faithful to see it through.  The whole idea is to buy a postcard from all the places you visit throughout the year and mail them to yourself, from the place, to your home.  So, when I […]